3) Installation Costs of a Full Custom Shower System

Installation Costs of a Full Custom Shower System

All Easy Install Shower Systems feature a Shower Control, Showerhead, and Handshower. The system is designed with 3 settings allowing you to run the Showerhead only, Handheld Shower only, or both at the same time. We also offer some Tub and Shower Combo Systems which add a tub spout function.

Full Custom Shower Systems are fantastic however they also come with a price tag. While Delta offers relatively affordable Shower Faucet Systems, the price of the fixtures is not the only thing to consider. The cost to install a Shower System is not insignificant. Depending on the situation, simply installing the plumbing for a Full Custom Shower System in a new construction project could take 6-9 hours. Given the average plumber charges $60-90 per hour and you are looking at an installation cost of $360-810.

In a bathroom renovation project (ie not new construction) the costs might even be significantly higher as you would have to completely open up the walls to run the water lines to the various shower spray systems (eg body sprays, handheld showers, ceiling mount shower heads, additional shower heads etc.) You would then have to close the wall back up and re-tile. If only there was a better way to install a Custom Shower System without going through all this hassle!

You can’t beat the ultimate luxury shower experience offered by a Full Custom Shower System so there’s no choice but to pay right? There’s no choice but to deal with the hassle and cost of installation because the end result will be worth it right? But what if there was another option?

Browse Delta Easy Install Shower Systems by Finish:

At FaucetList.com we are a small family business and understand the concerns of normal every day real people who who are not multi-millionaires but still want a bit of luxury in their life. We are not a huge corporation so we understand what it’s like to want nice things also not want to break the bank. So we starting thinking…was there a way to offer the benefits of a Full Custom Shower System but without the huge cost of installation? This lead us to the creation of our Easy Install Shower Systems.

Choosing Delta brand fixtures for our Easy Install Shower Systems

Delta Faucets and FixturesWe used our more than 30 years experience in the plumbing industry to develop our Easy Install Delta Shower System packages. We chose to create these systems using Delta Faucet brand products because Delta is an industry leader in Shower Fixtures. All components parts in our Easy Install Shower Faucet System packages include a lifetime warranty on both the operation and the finish. It’s very rare in the plumbing industry to find warranties on the finish, especially for fixtures used in a wet environment like a shower. This really made Delta stand out to us as the obvious choice as the brand to partner up with to create these systems. You not only get a guarantee that your products will function for life, but you also get the piece of mind knowing they will look great too! FaucetList.com is an Authorized Online Retailer for Delta Shower Fixtures so all our products are 100% brand new, in the box, and the warranty will apply to you as the end user.

Examples of Easy Install Shower Systems:

Delta Compel Chrome Finish Dual Control Shower Faucet System Package with 5-1/2 inch Shower Head and 5-Spray Wall Mount Slide Bar with Personal Handheld Shower Includes Rough-in Valve DSP0824V Delta Lahara Venetian Bronze Finish Dual Control Shower Faucet System Package with Large Rain Shower Head and Personal Handheld Shower Spray with Slide Bar Includes Rough-in Valve DSP2700V Delta Dryden Chrome Finish Dual Control Shower Faucet System Package with 6.5-inch Square Rain Showerhead and Modern Square Wall Mount Slide Bar with Handheld Shower Spray Includes Rough-in Valve DSP0222V Delta Dryden Venetian Bronze Finish Dual Control Tub and Shower Faucet System Package with 6.5-inch Square Rain Showerhead and Modern Handheld Shower Spray with Square Slide Bar Includes Rough-in Valve and Tub Spout DSP3193V

To show the difference between a Full Custom Installation and an Easy Installation we have chosen a very similar Shower System and use it to illustrate 2 different ways the same functionality can be accomplished. In the first case you will see how the Full Custom Shower System is installed, and how it requires the installation of an extra Diverter Valve and also needs a lot of piping to be run inside the wall. Next, you will see how relatively simple the installation of an Easy Install Shower System is by comparison. AF SQ AM AR HY AZ EU BE BN BS AF SQ AM AR HY AZ EU BE BN BS CA CEB NY zh-CN zh-TW CO HR CS DA NL EO ET TL FI FR FY GL KA DE EL GU HT HA HAW IW HI HMN HU IS IG ID GA IT JA JW KN KK KM KO KU KY LO LA LV LT LB MK MG MS ML MT MI MR MN MY NE NO PS FA PLPT PA RO RU SM GD SR ST SN SD SI SK SL SO ES SU SW SV TG TA TE TH TR UK UR UZ VI CY XH YI ZU high end bathroom faucet bathroom faucet manufacturer shower faucet manufacturer bathroom hardware manufacturer high quality bathroom accessories hotel bathroom facuetluxury bath fixture body jet system

Bathroom Sink faucet Buying Guide

Bathroom Sink Buying Guide

There are many different kinds of sinks for your bathroom and kitchen. Popular bathroom sink styles include: Pedestal Sinks, Console Sinks, Wall Mount Sinks, Basin Sinks and Vessel Sinks.  Utility sinks offer large working basins for heavy jobs done in laundry rooms, utility rooms, & garages.

Below is a list of the different types of sinks and basic characteristics of each type:

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal Sink Pedestal sinks include a vitreous china basin that attaches to your wall and rests on a matching pedestal. The pedestal portion of a pedestal sink is designed to hide the plumbing of the drain and p-trap making pedestal sinks both functional and efficient. Pedestal sinks are great for tight spaces. Their inherent design and variety of sizes make pedestal sinks the perfect choice for increasing the amount of open space in almost any bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms, corner pedestal sinks serve two functions. First, the corner design is a tremendous bathroom space saver, allowing you to tuck your sink into short corners. Secondly, the corner pedestal sink design adds a definitive level of class and style to a smaller bathroom. Many smaller bathrooms look and feel like afterthoughts, but a corner pedestal sink can add a measure of charm and sophistication to even the smallest of powder rooms.

Pedestal sinks are available with 4” on-center, or for widespread faucets, 8” and 12” on-center faucet drillings. A simple style rule of thumb is you can pair either the decorative backsplash of the pedestal sink, or the architectural design of the pedestal base with a matching toilet. The vitreous china used in the manufacture is a nonporous, hard clay material that is fired to create a beautiful smooth, glassy surface showcasing the classic style of pedestal sinks. Easy to clean and enchanting to the eye, pedestal sinks have enriched bathrooms world wide for well over a century.<br

Console Sinks

Console Sink Console sinks are larger wall-mounted bathroom sinks with 2 to 4 decorative legs. Options of a single, 4”, widespread or 3 hole faucet drillings make console sinks one of the more versitile bathroom sinks. This style offers a larger vanity surface area and classical stylings. Some console sinks include integrated towel bars, making console sinks an elegant combination of form and function. Similar to pedestal sinks, you can pair the architectural design of the vanity to a matching toilet to complete your bathroom. Console sinks were typically a sign of wealth in the early 20th century, but today consoles sinks are an affordable way to enhance the look of any bathroom.


Wall Mount Sinks

Wall Mount Sink Wall mount sinks are great for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms which have design issues requiring a smaller sink footprint. Wall mount sinks come in a wide assortment of styles with widths from 11” – 42”, and with bowls from 4” – 22” deep. This wide range of wall mount sink styling give you several options to complete your vintage or modern style bathroom. Wall mount sinks generally come with 4” on-center or widespread faucet hole drillings for a full assortment of faucet options.

Like corner pedestal sinks, a corner wall mount sink is a terrific option for small bathrooms or bathrooms with challenging floor plans. By utilizing corner space in combination with wall mounting the sink, you maximize the open space in a bathroom. This allows room for more bath accessories such as heated towel warmers, bath shelves, and towel racks.m.


Basin Sinks

Basin Sink Basin sinks can come in several unique styles. The first condition to base basin sink selection upon should be how it is going to be mounted. Basin sinks can be drop-in sinks, undermounted sinks, or recessed into the countertop. Basin sinks can utilize single post, 4″, or 8″ sink faucets allowing you to customize them with the faucet of your choice. Basin sinks are the perfect choice for bathrooms utilizing an existing countertop or one in which a sink counter is desired.


Vessel Sinks

Vessel Sink Vessel sinks are the sink of choice for showcase bathrooms. No other sink can match the artistic beauty & classic form of the vessel sink. A vessel sink is typified by a simple or ornate bowl that sits upon a countertop. Most times a vessel sinks will be fed by a wall mounted faucet typical of ancient Roman baths. However, vessel sinks can also be filled by single post faucets mounted on a small pedestal with plumbing running under the countertop in lieu of the wall.

Perhaps only pedestal sinks can match vessel sinks for the variety of available forms and stylings. Vessel sinks can run the gamut from simple white or hammered metal bowls, through a vast array of colorful, hand painted and/or hand formed vessel masterpieces. Combining simplicity with artistic craftmanship, vessel sinks can enhance the image of any bathroom.


Utility Sinks

Utility Sink Utility sinks are marked by their large basins and accessability. Utility sinks need to be able to handle large jobs and not get in the way. Hence, utility sinks can often resemble console sinks. Utilizing legs the utility sink differentiates itself from the console sink by usually having a deep rectangualr basin as opposed to the more circular and shallower basins found in console sinks used in bathrooms. Utility sinks can also be found wall mounted, undermounted, and even recessed into a sink stand. Utilty sinks also can be found in cast iron, the same durable material used in vintage clawfoot tubs. A utility sinks is essentially a bathtub for all things non human, and makes an exceptional bathing area for pets such as small dogs and cats.


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In & Out of the bathroom: The Bathroom trends of 2017

In & Out of the bathroom: The Bathroom trends of 2017

27 Jan 2017

It’s our job to know what’s coming (and going) to ensure we are always providing a product that is ‘Superior as Standard’.

A lot of our predictions come from provable statistical and industry insight, and some are more about gut feeling and our personal analysis of the direction of trends – and those informed theories are something we thought we’d share with you.


What to look out for in 2017


Digital VS Analogue

This may seem like a strange heading when talking about décor trends but it’s the best way we could summarise the coming bathroom trends for 2017 – let us explain. For the past decade especially, the tech giant Apple has had a huge influence in all areas of design, that influence has been seen in the clean, crisp lined, bright, reflective surfaces we’ve all become so used to. The design predictions for this year seem very much like a decisive kick-back against the clean reflective surfaces we look into every day, replacing them with raw materials, handcrafted objects, and imperfect forms i.e. An imperfect analogue aesthetic, compared to modern clean digital forms.



For years we’ve been awash with white, with the more daring throwing in the accent of a fresh bright colour, but we’re about to see the introduction of something new. This year is about sophisticated hues, matt sunrise pastels and confidently dark tones. The pastel colour palette trend rolling over from the end of last year consists of the kind of colours you’d expect to see in a desert sunrise – soft blues, pinks, peaches, violets and soft yellows.


bathroom trends 2017 colours

We’re out of the economic crisis, so to celebrate (before any political blunders cause another crisis) the colour of the year is the colour of money, green. Jokes aside, the many and numerous trend spotters are all reasonably unanimous that green will be pretty instrumental in décor trends this year alongside other rich earthy tones – so expect to see it in both tiles and paint schemes. Darker colours like dusky blue and very dark greys will be equally popular and can already be seen on a mass market level with commercial brands like Ikea already pushing dark interiors in this years’ showrooms.



For the last few years Copper and Rose Gold have absolutely dominated the pages of interior magazines and proliferated the home décor mass market, but as of 2017 we predict this is about to change. There has been a lot of early signs suggesting the bold copper colours are being replaced with the more muted tones of Brass, Bronze and tarnished metals with interesting patinas.



This is an important section of future trends, particularly in relation to bathroom design, seeing as ceramic and stoneware tiles account for a significant area of wallspace in every bathroom! So when it comes to tiles we predict you’ll see the metro tile carry on but in varied forms. The standard size high gloss metro will be seen in dark greens and crackled glazes, the white metro tile will be popular in a thinner (lower) heights and will be far more common in ‘raw’ bone whites and chalkier more tactile textures. To complement the new earthy, raw and green trends there has also been some talk about the resurgence of terracotta tiling, we’re not sure what the uptake of this idea will be, but we thought we’d mention it.


This year ceramics will be far more important to décor than just its impact on our tiling choices, artisanal handcrafted earthenware glazed items are the must have accessories of the year, replacing the clean copper and marble creations of the previous year.



So far we’ve talked about a very particular imperfect, tactile look for this years’ trends and this carries on into accessories and other materials you might be using in the bathroom.

Cork – In the early nineties there was a short-lived trend for cork flooring, but this year cork walls and other areas of cork detailing will be very prominent.

Woven baskets – That’s right you’ll see the re-emergence of the wicker laundry basket. Woven wicker products are sure to find their way into a few bathroom accessories this year.

Darker woods – So following a long stretch of light (Danish stained) and whitewashed woods to fit our clean, light environments you’ll start to see an increase in darker woods.

Living walls – You may have seen these pop up as a curiosity on Pinterest, but this year the living wall, a wall constructed of mosses, ferns and living plants, is set to appear in homes and hotels.


2017 trends in summary

In the year that celebrates 10 years of the iPhone, general trend predictions suggest that the contemporary bathroom aesthetic will be taking a step away from the white minimal tech inspired aesthetic, to something more tactile, more colourful, more natural and a little less homogenised in its perfection.

This leaning towards bold new colours, individual features and visibly tactile surfaces is perfectly complemented by the fact that we’ve introduced PureVueHD glass as standard in our Classic and Coastline shower enclosure ranges. PureVueHD breaks down the barrier between you and your décor with its clearer glass highlighting all those new textures and not adulterating all those muted metals, natural colours and tactile material choices.

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Educational Post: Microelectronics , Professional Electronic Component Distributor.

Microcontrollers. They come in a variety of types and sizes and uses!

Circuit Ocean Int is a Professional Electronic Component Distributor.

One of our most popular microcontrollers is the ATMega328PU and is commonly found on Arduino boards or Ardunio Clones. They are easily used for wide variety of applicaitons. They can be found in Ardunio Nano and Arduino Uno models.

Utilizing the Arduino IDE or other IDE’s it has become extremely easy to program and use Microcontrollers. Other Microcontroller options include:

The ubiquitous Intel 8051 series of microcontrollers.

Microchip Technology PIC Microcontrollers.

ARM Cortex M microcontrollers.

Tons of other manufacturers, but these ones are popular and documentation is relatively immense.

Microcontrollers are generally inexpensive and programmed to do a single task. Where a SoC has about the same components as a microcontroller, they each have access to memory of some sort, a processor of some sort and a way to program all of this on the chip. SoC’s and Microcontroller differ by their use. SoC’s are generalists and are capable at doing a wide variety of tasks easily. They can run screens, play music, hook in to the internet and more all at the same time. While a Microncontroller is more efficienct at doing simple tasks quickly. One can program a microcontroller to simply read and store data from a single sensor, but it is extremely efficient at this task.

The line is bluring and to confuse it even more there are lines of SoC’s that act much like a Microcontroller and lines of Microcontrollers that act much like SoC’s. The price difference is becoming more important too. A big difference is that SoC’s dont handle single tasks or GPIO tasks as easliy as a Microcontroller. To access lines on a Raspberry Pi is relatively difficult to pull data off of a single GPIO, but it is easier to manipulate that data using just about any programming language or use it as a webserver and get the data to the web. Throughput on a Raspberry Pi is also extremely variable depending on the USB line usage, web usage, or CPU usage on other tasks.

A measurement of overall use from a microcontroller is called throughput and is measured in MIPS which is known as Million Instructions Per Second. MIPS are fairly complicated and comparing MIPS but when you compare between microcontrollers it is fairly easy to get a sense of speed between two microcontrollers based in MIPS. MIPS are closely tied to clock speed a 16MHz clock “beats” at 16000000 beats per second. Most Arduinos and other Atmel chips run at 16MHz but it is possible and pretty easy to overclock ATmegas to 20MHz or a little higher and still maintain accuracy. The ATmega328PU has a throughput of approximately 1 MIPS per Clock MHz so at 16MHz the ATmega328PU has a throughput of 16MHz. Just to compare the Throughput of a Core I7 processor has a throughput of approximately 238,310 MIPS at 3.0 GHz. But when was the last time you heard of someone touting easy access to your laptops GPIO pins?! While the Raspberry Pi 2 boasts about 4744 MIPS per 1.0 GHz. This puts the ATmega328PU at about the same throughput as a Rasbperry Pi. But they certainly have different use cases.

Another pro for microcontrollers is that they are capable of running for extreme periods of times. It is estimated that the ATmega328PU is capable of storing data without corruption for 20 years at 85C or for 100 years at 25o C. Arduinos are capable of running completely submerged in oil and will continue running when submerged in oil and then submerged in water! The limiting factor to this are capacitors most of time which often limit to a continuous run time of 5000 hours (over 200 days) this is extended when utilzing larger capacitors or capacitors designed to have a long life.

Even 10 years ago before the Arduino API and IDE was developed microcontrollers were relatively easy to program and to use, but now that Arduino is so powerful it is trivial to compile arduino flavored C to run on microcontrollers. As far as ease of use goes the Arduino ATmega328PU is the easiest and most powerful Microcontroller on the market.

The PIC line of mircrocontrollers is compatible with the MPLAB that is capable of compiling for PIC’s. Either of these microcontrollers are great choices but in my opinion the Arduino IDE And Arduino ease of use trumps the PIC’s but both have their uses.

Check out this sweet project that is utilizing Arduinos in waterproof boxes for lights that are floating in the Harbor of Copenhagen. Copenhagen Harbor Arduino Example

There are many Tayda Kits Instructions that deal with the ATmega328PU microcontroller. ATmega328PU Instructions

Get many of the microcontrollers and especially the ATmega328PU at  Circuit Ocean international co.,Ltd.


Chip Ceramic Capacitor industry must meet market demand

Chip Ceramic Capacitor industry must meet market demand

With the development and popularity of home appliances electronic information industry, China capacitor industry has been an unprecedented development, from the quantity, quality, service on the machine to meet the needs of the electronics and home appliances development, and promote the related materials industry the development of equipment industry, instrumentation industry, has become the world’s largest producer of the capacitor.
From the sales point of view, capacitor production mainly in Japan, mainland China and Taiwan of China, China has become the world’s capacitor products after Japan’s producer.
From the quantitative point of view, since the reform and opening up, Japan, South Korea and China’s Taiwan region will capacitor manufacturing to mainland China, the world’s electronic information manufacturing machine in mainland China to set up factories, multinationals in China procurement, China has become the world’s capacitor producing countries and consuming countries.
Capacitor industry must adapt to the new environment
The domestic market for production machine capacitors have a larger growth, it is increasingly becoming an important market for our global capacitor consumption. Capacitor industry, there is more room for development in the period 2006 to 2010.
The new machine of electronic information, household appliances, communications equipment continue to emerge, the capacitor industry opportunities, capacitors enterprises should adapt to market changes, improve the operation of the market, has introduced the machine to adapt to different requirements of the product, in order to strengthen.

1. The change of the user.
The popularity of consumer electronics and upgrading the electronic machine is undergoing tremendous changes. Our capacitor industry is supporting the traditional home appliances gradually develop and grow together. Today’s household electrical appliances has entered the digital age, the focus is digital TV. Second, household electrical appliances has been extended to conversion and environmental conditioning, home theater, computers, communications products, which target service (customers) will change.

2. The electronic machine digital, networked electronic systems requirements for electronic components of the chip.
Electronic machine has to digital, high-frequency, multi-functional and portable direction, the development of electronic systems to the network, the direction of high-speed processing. Integration and functionality of integrated circuits to improve, the whole line in simplified, the number of electronic components used alone decreased, an increase in the number of single itself. In order to adapt to this change, the capacitor miniaturization, chip-based must accelerate the pace.

3. The progressive integration into the international market.
China has become an important production base of electronic components worldwide, a large proportion of exports accounted for capacitor production. Electronic information products are the first batch of China’s accession to WTO to achieve “zero tariff” of imported goods, so a large number of electronic components to enter the Chinese market. 2006 imports of electrolytic capacitor 89 billion, film capacitors 6,000,000,000, described by large, integrated with the international market, should strengthen all-round efforts to advance the international market. Therefore, to fully understand the WTO rules of the game becomes more and more important.

SMD Tantalum Capacitors: Golbal Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2016-2017

SMD Tantalum Capacitors: Golbal Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2016-2017

NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Tantalum Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2013-2018

The study includes an analysis of tantalum capacitor distributor molded chip, coated chip, radial dip, molded radial, molded axial, hermetically sealed and wet slug tantalum capacitor market for FY 2013 with forecasts to FY 2018. The study addresses global market drivers and market challenges for this unique dielectric over the next five years. The study breaks down global value and volume of demand for tantalum capacitors from an historical and forecast perspective in terms of value, volume and average unit pricing. The study addresses demand by end-use market segment in the computer, telecommunications infrastructure, automotive, consumer AV, wireless handset, defense, medical, instrumentation, industrial and oil& gas industries worldwide. The study also addresses global demand and forecasts by word region; as well as demand by channel of distribution.

The study also offers FY 2013 global market shares in tantalum capacitors and forecasts new share data post acquisition for FY 2014. The study addresses key developments in the tantalum supply chain for ore, powder and wire; and addresses key issues with respect to the cost of goods sold for tantalum capacitors. The study also addresses key technology markets within the capacitor segment, including demand and forecasts for tantalum capacitors employing conductive polymer versus manganese cathode systems to 2018. The study addresses key technology trends and directions for tantalum capacitors over the next five years based upon anticipated improvements in powder CV/g values. The study forecasts tantalum capacitor value, volume and pricing to 2018, as well as demand for tantalum capacitors by cathode system, end-use market segment, channel of distribution, world region and component configuration to 2018.

1.0 TECHNOLOGY: 9 An Explanation of Tantalum Capacitors Included in This Report: 9 Some Key Findings of This Report: 9 Tantalum Capacitor Component Configurations: 10 Molded Chip: 11 Coated Chip: 12 Radial Dipped: 12 Molded Radial: 12 Molded Axial: 12 Hermetically Sealed: 12 Wet Slug Tantalum: 12 New and Emerging Configurations: 12

2.0 MARKETS: 13 Tantalum Capacitor Market Overview: FY 2013 13 Tantalum Capacitor Market Drivers & Challenges: FY 2013 13 Market Drivers: 13 Smartphones: 13 Tablet Computers: 13 Automobiles: 14 Aerospace: 14 Market Challenges: 14 European Markets: 14 Alternative Capacitor Technologies: 14 Slowdown in Notebooks, Desktops and Servers: 14 Sluggish Consumer Audio and Video Sales: 15 Tantalum Legislation Confusing Customers: 15 Price Erosion: 15 Global Consumption Volume for Tantalum Capacitors: 2003-2013; 2014-2018 Forecasts 16 Global Consumption Value for Tantalum Capacitors: 2003-2013; 2014-2018 Forecasts: 17 Global Average Unit Pricing for Tantalum Capacitors: 2003-2013; 2014-2018 Forecasts: 19

3.0 CONFIGURATIONS: 20 Tantalum Capacitor Market Subsets: Demand By Configuration: FY 2013: 20 Molded & Coated Chip Tantalum Capacitor Markets: FY 2013 20 Molded Axial and Radial Leaded Tantalum Capacitor Markets: FY 2013 20 Radial Dipped Tantalum Capacitor Markets: FY 2013 20 Metal Case and Wet Slug (Axial, Unusual Case Sizes) Markets; FY 2013 20 Polymer Vs. Manganese: 21 Historical Development of Conductive Polymer Cathodes In Tantalum Capacitors: 21 Why Lower The ESR? 22 Conductive Polymers In Use: 22 Difference in Conductive Polymer Performance In The Finished Capacitor: 22 What Really Lowers The ESR: 22 Production Processing Differentiation: 23 Market Leaders In Conductive Polymer Tantalum Capacitors: 23 Market Potential and Growth in Conductive Polymer Capacitors: 23 Global Consumption Value for Tantalum Capacitors By Cathode System (Manganese Versus Conductive Polymer): FY 2013 23

4.0 END-USE MARKETS: 25 Introduction To Tantalum Capacitor Consumption By End-Use Market Segment: 25 VOLUME: 25 Tantalum Capacitor Volume Demand By End-Use Market Segment: FY 2013 25 Tantalum Capacitor Unit Shipments By End-Use Market Segment: FY 2013 (In Millions of Pieces) 25 Tantalum Capacitor Unit Consumption By End-Use Segment and Key Product Market: FY 2013: 26 COMPUTERS: 27 Tablet Computers: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 27 Notebook Computers: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 28 Desktop Computers: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 28 Server Computers: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 28 WIRELESS HANDSETS: 28 Smartphones: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 28 Traditional Handsets: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 28 CONSUMER AV: 29 Consumer Audio & Video Imaging: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 29 AUTOMOTIVE: 29 Automotive: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 29 TELECOMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE: 29 Telecom Infrastructure: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 29 SPECIALTY: 29 Defense, Medical, Aerospace and Downhole Pump: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 29 INDUSTRIAL: 30 Industrial Electronics: Market Forecast For Tantalum Capacitors; FY 2013-2014-2018 30 VALUE: 30 Global Consumption Value for Tantalum Capacitors By End-Use Market Segment: FY 2013 30 Computers: Value of Tantalum Consumption: FY 2013 30 Telecommunications Infrastructure: Value of Tantalum Consumption: FY 2013 31 Automotive: Value of Tantalum Consumption: FY 2013 31 Defense Electronics: Value of Tantalum Consumption: FY 2013 31 Consumer Audio and Video Imaging: Value of Tantalum Consumption: FY 2013 31 Wireless Handset: Value of Tantalum Consumption: FY 2013 31 Medical Electronics: Value of Tantalum Consumption: FY 2013 31

5.0 WORLD REGIONS: 33 Global Consumption Value for Tantalum Capacitors By World Region: FY 2013 33 Asia Pacific Region: Tantalum Capacitor Market Demand: FY 2013 33 The Chinese Market For Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 33 The Japanese Market For Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 33 The Korean Market For Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 34 The Americas Region: Tantalum Capacitor Market Demand: FY 2013 34 The European Region: Tantalum Capacitor Market Demand: FY 2013 34 5.0 DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: 36 Introduction to Distribution Channels for Tantalum Capacitors: 36 Global Tantalum Capacitor Consumption Value By Channels of Distribution: FY 2013 36 Electronic Component Distributors: 36 Original Equipment Manufacturers: 36 Electronic Manufacturing Services Companies: 36 Major Tantalum Capacitor Customers By Channel Of Distribution: FY 2013 37 Top Global Distributors of Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013: 37 Top OEM Companies Buying Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 37 Top EMS Companies Buying Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 37 Top Tantalum Capacitor Distributors & Their Approved Vendors: FY 2013 38

6.0 COMPETITION: 40 Recent Consolidation Among Vendors In The Tantalum Capacitor Industry: 40 KEMET Purchases TOKIN Corporation From NEC: 40 AVX Purchases Nichicon’s Tantalum Operations: 40 Holystone International Acquires The Hitachi AIC Tantalum Line: 40 Competitive Environment For Tantalum Capacitors By Component Type and Configuration: FY 2013 40 Competitive Environment For Tantalum Capacitors- Product Differentiation by Vendor: FY 2013 41 Market Leaders in Tantalum Capacitor Differentiation: 42 125 Degree C (Automotive UTH) 42 Low Profile Tantalum Capacitors: 42 Low ESR Tantalum Capacitors: 42 Multi-Anode Tantalum Capacitors: 43 High Temperature Tantalum Capacitors: 150 to 230 Degrees C: 43 Fused Tantalum Capacitors: 43 Tantalum Capacitors for Hi-Reliability and Defense Applications: 43 Competitive Environment in Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 43 Tantalum Capacitor Manufacturers: FY 2013 Sales & Market Shares 44 Forecasted Changes in Market Shares in Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 to FY 2014 45

7.0 COSTS TO PRODUCE: 47 Tantalum Capacitors: Costs To Produce: FY 2013 47 Changes In The Costs To Produce Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 Versus FY 2010 47 Variable Cost Structure For Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 48 Variable Raw Material Costs: Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 48 Fixed Costs For Tantalum Capacitors FY 2013: 48 Variable Overhead Charges for Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013: 48 Variable Labor Costs For Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013: 48 Other Variable Manufacturing Charges for Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 48 Tantalum Capacitors: Cost of Raw Materials By Type: FY 2013 49 Tantalum Metal Powder and Wire: FY 2013 49 Leadframes: FY 2013 49 Silver Materials: FY 2013 49 Cathode Materials: 50 Epoxy Resin: 50 Other Materials: 50 Tantalum Capacitors: Costs To Produce By Type 50 MN02 Cathode Type: 50 Conductive Polymer Cathode Type: 51 Specialty Tantalum Capacitors: Axial, Radial and Wet Slug: 51 Tantalum Value Chain To The Capacitor Industry: FY 2013 51 Summary Of Costs To Produce For Tantalum Capacitors: FY 2013 53 Best Practices In Cost Savings For Tantalum Capacitors: 53

8.0 SUPPLY CHAIN: 55 Introduction To Tantalum Raw Materials: 55 Primary Sources of Tantalum Ores & Concentrates 55 Tantalite Processing: 56 Tantalum Supply & Demand Issues: 57 Impact of The Tohoku Event on Inventories: 57 Impact of Thailand Flooding On The Supply Chain: 57 European Economic Crisis: Impact On Supply Chain: 59 Re-Closing Of Wodgina: 59 GAM’s Acquisition of Cabot Supermetals: 60 “Closed Loop” Salvation? 60 Kemet Vertically Integrates With Niotan: What This Means For The Supply Chain (Blue Powder): 61 Additional Tantalum Activities in South Africa: 61 2013 Mine Update: 62 Ore Pricing Trend: 62 New Tantalite Prospecting Activity: 2013 62

9.0 TECHNOLOGY TRENDS & DIRECTIONS: 64 Increasing The Capacitance Value of Tantalum Capacitors: 64 Trend Analysis: Increase in Capacitance for an A Case, 6.3 Vdc Molded Chip Between 2003 and 2013: 64 Anode Powder Trends and Forecasts: Growth in CV/g Value: 65 Tantalum Powder Market Drivers: FY 2013 and Beyond: 65 Capacitor Grade Tantalum Metal Powder, Wire and Cathode Material Consumption By Case Size (In Milligrams): 2013 66

10.0 FORECASTS: 67 Tantalum Capacitors: 2013-2018 Outlook 67 Tantalum Capacitor Unit Forecasts: 2013-2018 67 Tantalum Capacitors: Global Dollar Forecasts: 2013-2018: 68 Tantalum Capacitor Pricing Forecasts: 2013-2018 69 Tantalum Capacitor Unit Forecasts By End-Use Market Segment: FY 2013-2018: 70 Tantalum Capacitor Dollar Forecasts By End-Use Market Segment: FY 2013-2018 71 Tantalum Capacitor Dollar Forecasts By Component Type and Configuration: FY 2013-2018 72 Tantalum Capacitor Dollar Value Forecasts By Channel of Distribution (Electronic Component Distributors, OEM and EMS Companies): FY 2013-2018 72 Tantalum Capacitor Forecasts by Cathode System (Conductive Polymer Tantalum Versus Manganese): FY 2013-2018 73 Tantalum Capacitor Forecasts By World Region (Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe): FY 2013-2018 74 11.0 VENDORS: 76 A Close Look At Recent Consolidation In The Tantalum Capacitor Industry: 76- 110

Two key Points To Know About Electronic Test Equipment Projects-Regarding doorknob capacitor.

Subtle elements you have to think about electronic test mechanical assembly ventures incorporate electronic test hardware and unique vital things.

Take estimated neon globules that has tests may be the most modest and furthermore least complex air conditioning power analyzer found in stores. Convey one close to a transmitter reception apparatus or maybe the link of a vehicle start fitting, and see the neon lights lit up. Most do-it-without anyone’s help analyzers are offered in units; notwithstanding you could likewise make one sans preparation or from old hardware found in your home. Look at this article to see more about electronic test hardware on the off chance that you’ve been wanting to make one without anyone else.

Electronic test hardware

Multimeter emc test hardware is a great choice for your first testing mechanical assembly. Schematics and packs can be found for the advanced multimeters. Before beginning your first do-it-without anyone else’s help multimeter testing device, you can purchase an economically esteemed multimeter. Your shirt wallet can essentially fit this little and versatile multimeter together with the neon light. While in the methodology for making your meter, you could likewise start to have thoughts in regards to your next do-it-without anyone else’s help challenge. Directly subsequent to making your meter, you could concentrate on either a power supply that is adaptable, or maybe a flag generator. List other test hardware, as you gain a ground with your employments. By doing this, not exclusively will you have the capacity to spare your time, however you will likewise understand that you’ll touch base at a speedier analysis for each of the issues that you’ll experience. You could make utilization of an oscilloscope that would fit legitimately with the flag generator and will cooperate with it to make waveform and furthermore alignment investigations.

Extraordinary fundamental things

*Field control meter

Building up your own testing framework will help you to customize it to your own specific necessities. A field control meter will be required by a ham radio administrator and can be utilized as a radio recurrence watt meter or for the transmitters as a spurious load.

*Frequency counter

A recurrence counter is another test thing that is imperative. Testing for hello there constancy sound contraption is elevated an analyzer for twists that can be utilized by millivoltmeter and an oscilloscope. Having an amplifier test box will help you to effortlessly recognize an ideal impedance framework directly through a speaker to guarantee that you have a legitimately working hybrid.

*Transistor and furthermore diode analyzers

Transistor and diode analyzer are another uncommon required things for electric testing gear. This is because of the way that various electronic testing gadgets are just trade devices for doorknob capacitors and resistors. By utilizing analyzers, for example, transistors and furthermore diodes, a straightforward check can be just accomplished for parts with potential issues. With these sorts of instruments, you require not make voltage check examination or schematic following with the flag generators.

*Old electronic things

Old electronic things you no longer utilize which are lying around the house may likewise be exceptionally useful to your home electronic testing venture. You could rummage for circuits from these old and harmed electronic things, for example, control supplies or old stereos. The point in here is to make, repair, or settle electric frameworks. A do-it-without anyone’s help from a pack or all alone will help you to spare cash, and furthermore give a tweaked application which will spare you time in tackling an issue and finish a repair methodology.

When managing hardware, dependably play it safe in light of the high likelihood of being shocked. It is likewise prudent to do a careful research before starting a do-it-without anyone else’s help electronic venture.

A Key High Voltage Component of Electronic Appliances – Test Equipment

Electric devices have become an integral part of our life and we have to rely on different electric appliances for our facility and use them in number of daily tasks. These electric appliances help us in saving the precious time and lot of money. It is our responsibility to check the condition of these appliances regularly. For this purpose, we have to acquire some test equipment. www.tantalum-caps.com

This apparatus can increase the effectiveness of routine activities and helps us in having a comfortable life. But there is one danger of using this apparatus, as it may give you the wrong information. In this situation, you might face the problem in some appliance. So you must purchase that apparatus, which is verified by the authorities.

There is huge range of test equipments in the market. After using the right equipment you can judge the strength and capability of electric devices. Also, you can assure the quality and operating order of all electric devices at your home or office. With the help of checking apparatus, you can judge the functionality of all home appliances.

Transferable checking apparatus gives you the surety of using the electric home appliances for a certain period. You must check regularly the condition of all electric devices, because it helps you in doing the necessary repairing work. This regular repairing will help you in increasing the useful life of any device. Also, it helps you to keep yourself away from sudden expenditures. It results an increase to your capital.

Sub-categories of checking devices include burn-in testing devices, backplane testers, battery testers, and automated testing device. These categories are made on the basis of use of checking device. Burn-in testing devices can check the voltages of power chips and boards. These devices can check the functionality of those devices, which contain the semi conductors. These devices give you the assurance of quality of any gadget.

Automated devices of this sort are the advanced checking apparatuses. These devices are used with the help of computers for checking in industrial units. These devices require technical skills, so they can be used by an expert. These devices are very costly and only industrial units can afford them. This kind of checking device can be used for testing printed circuit boards.

Backplane testers are used for the checking of high voltage resistors and capacitors in various electronic components. These testers can give you high speed communication. They can be used for efficient and effective networking system. They are further sub categorized into in-circuit testers. These in-circuit testers are the printed circuit boards having different sockets and slots and they are used to check large number of electronic devices.

Battery testers are used for checking quality of fuel cells. These testers can check the temperature, DC resistance, charge, voltage, and amperage. All kinds of test equipments help us to check the quality of an electric or electronic device at any time. These devices can be used at home, office, and in any kind of industry. These devices help us to take action and remain safe from future troubles.

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