Chip Ceramic Capacitor industry must meet market demand

Chip Ceramic Capacitor industry must meet market demand

With the development and popularity of home appliances electronic information industry, China capacitor industry has been an unprecedented development, from the quantity, quality, service on the machine to meet the needs of the electronics and home appliances development, and promote the related materials industry the development of equipment industry, instrumentation industry, has become the world’s largest producer of the capacitor.
From the sales point of view, capacitor production mainly in Japan, mainland China and Taiwan of China, China has become the world’s capacitor products after Japan’s producer.
From the quantitative point of view, since the reform and opening up, Japan, South Korea and China’s Taiwan region will capacitor manufacturing to mainland China, the world’s electronic information manufacturing machine in mainland China to set up factories, multinationals in China procurement, China has become the world’s capacitor producing countries and consuming countries.
Capacitor industry must adapt to the new environment
The domestic market for production machine capacitors have a larger growth, it is increasingly becoming an important market for our global capacitor consumption. Capacitor industry, there is more room for development in the period 2006 to 2010.
The new machine of electronic information, household appliances, communications equipment continue to emerge, the capacitor industry opportunities, capacitors enterprises should adapt to market changes, improve the operation of the market, has introduced the machine to adapt to different requirements of the product, in order to strengthen.

1. The change of the user.
The popularity of consumer electronics and upgrading the electronic machine is undergoing tremendous changes. Our capacitor industry is supporting the traditional home appliances gradually develop and grow together. Today’s household electrical appliances has entered the digital age, the focus is digital TV. Second, household electrical appliances has been extended to conversion and environmental conditioning, home theater, computers, communications products, which target service (customers) will change.

2. The electronic machine digital, networked electronic systems requirements for electronic components of the chip.
Electronic machine has to digital, high-frequency, multi-functional and portable direction, the development of electronic systems to the network, the direction of high-speed processing. Integration and functionality of integrated circuits to improve, the whole line in simplified, the number of electronic components used alone decreased, an increase in the number of single itself. In order to adapt to this change, the capacitor miniaturization, chip-based must accelerate the pace.

3. The progressive integration into the international market.
China has become an important production base of electronic components worldwide, a large proportion of exports accounted for capacitor production. Electronic information products are the first batch of China’s accession to WTO to achieve “zero tariff” of imported goods, so a large number of electronic components to enter the Chinese market. 2006 imports of electrolytic capacitor 89 billion, film capacitors 6,000,000,000, described by large, integrated with the international market, should strengthen all-round efforts to advance the international market. Therefore, to fully understand the WTO rules of the game becomes more and more important.

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